Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 4: another yesterday

Window cleaning crew

baby lovin

meet our driver :)
To encapsulate "today" (once again we'll pretend yesterday is today) let's focus on the wise words spoken earlier by Ms.Becky, "Who needs a gym membership when you have a church?" Today was arm day.

With the roar of the tiger, which sounds more like hacking of a hairball, we arose to begin another day of service. Half of the women of the group stayed behind at the B&B to clean and bless the ministry there (did I mention it is run by messianic jews?). Their to-do list lasted all afternoon and then some, but smiles never left their faces.

I left with the remaining group to serve another ministry just up the mountain called Kehilat Ha Carmel. Relying on faith alone the founders trusted God when He told them †o start drug rehabilitation centered. Being the only rehab center in Israel at the time, Kehilat Ha Carmel was able to meet a huge need through God's great plan. The ministry quickly grew to be a place for women and Sudanese refugee children to call home and a house of worship for messianic believers. Just one step on neatly groomed grounds resting on the highest part of the mountain, and you immediately feel the presence of God.

I chose to wash windows. No, these were more like giant walls of glass that needed to bathed at least three times. God really reinforced patience in my heart as I wiped and wiped then rewiped. The amazing thing was, no matter how much elbow grease I burned at each window, I really didn't feel it. As giggly Sudanese babies ran around and believers from every corner of the earthed jubilantly served, I could see place God loved and I wanted to love it just as much.

After a long day of work and a filling lunch served by Kehilat Ha Carmel, the team regrouped to have a special shabbat dinner and time of prayer and worship together. In those moments I was reminded of what a loving and God-fearing family I received by being a part of the Israel team. It has been such a blessing to learn customs and share burdens with this group.
got my hurr did


Prayer: Pray for the ministry at Kehilat Ha Carmel as love every person that comes across their path

Praise: We accomplished more than we had planned...and I got to snuggle with adorable kiddos at the ministry :)